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Archived News

Here’s what science says about texting and driving
2019/06/10 9:43:10 AM
Every text, emoji and selfie which captures your attention limits your awareness while driving, putting you and those around you in unnecessary danger, notes Ford Motoring. Yes, even “just one” text can lead to an accident.
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Ford expands popular Figo hatchback range with new limited Blu edition
2019/06/07 9:59:57 AM
Ford is giving its compact Figo hatchback an additional dose of individuality and eye-catching style with the launch of the special edition new Figo Blu.Based on the five-door Figo 1.5 Trend, a limited production run of 360 units are available of the dynamic new Figo Blu, which has a distinct and fresh personality that makes it truly unique.
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Opel expands Crossland X range with 1.6 diesel model
2019/06/06 8:59:59 AM
Opel’s South African distributor Unitrans has announced that a diesel version of its Crossland X will be hitting showroom floors by the middle of June.
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How hijackers are targeting South African drivers
2019/06/05 11:42:05 AM
Due to sophisticated and organised criminal syndicates, incident rates of theft and hijacking have reached alarmingly high levels.
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BMW X7 launched in SA - here`s what you get for your money
2019/05/30 9:42:48 AM
If you want your BMW Sports Activity Vehicle supersized then you might want to set your sights on the first-ever X7, which has just touched down in South Africa, only months after its international launch.
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June petrol price cut to be swallowed by carbon tax
2019/05/29 9:48:18 AM
It has been a turbulent month for both the South African rand and international oil prices but now that the dice that determines June’s fuel price has all but landed, we now have some clarity on next month’s fuel prices.
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Opel SA boost Astra range - new Sport 1.6T auto
2019/05/28 10:38:01 AM
Opel has updated its Astra range with the inclusion of the new Sport 1.6T automatic.
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Japanese vs Korean cars – which have the best resale value in South Africa?
2019/05/27 11:07:42 AM
Korean cars are growing in terms of stature, quality and appeal, but South African motorists still prefer Japanese vehicles.
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New, sixth-generation Opel Corsa officially revealed (in EV form)!
2019/05/24 11:54:51 AM
If you enjoy some sort of internet connection and have a passing interest in the automotive, you’d likely already have seen the leaked images of the new, sixth-generation Opel Corsa. Well, now the German firm has officially taken the wraps off its fresh-faced hatchback, interestingly starting with an all-electric version.
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BMW gives X5 and X7 the M50i treatment (plus SA pricing!)
2019/05/23 9:29:58 AM
BMW has revealed two new M Performance models, giving its X5 and X7 the M50i treatment. Both of these V8-powered SUVs have already been confirmed for South Africa.
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Land Rover Discovery Sport gets new look, tech upgrade
2019/05/22 9:19:19 AM
The Land Rover Discovery Sport has been given a midlife makeover that brings many (but not all) of the new gadgets seen in its platform partner, the second-generation Range Rover Evoque.
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7 wet weather driving tips that could save you time and money
2019/05/21 11:40:30 AM
South Africa is famous for its sunshine, and the average annual rainfall for the whole country is around 464mm (the world average is around 860mm).
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Tested: Mitsubishi`s Eclipse Cross is good, but does it it shine?
2019/05/20 11:34:15 AM
It`s surely a sign of the SUV-obsessed times that nameplates previously reserved for coupes are now finding their way on to the boot lids of high-riding family haulers.
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Is an F1 Grand Prix at Kyalami on the radar again?
2019/05/17 9:38:49 AM
Formula One wants to go back to Africa and Gauteng`s Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit is keen to host a race, as is the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, the sport`s commercial managing director Sean Bratches said on Thursday.
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Fuel price outlook: Petrol, diesel to increase at month end - AA
2019/05/16 10:18:15 AM
Fuel data for May 2019 "is showing a listless fuel price picture", reports the Automobile Association (AA), quoting unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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6 top tips to help avoid smash-and-grabs at intersections in SA
2019/05/15 9:58:10 AM
mash-and-grab incidents, particularly at high-activity intersections, remain an issue, says Charnel Hattingh, National Marketing and Communications Manager for Fidelity ADT.
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Testing shows more Ford models are at risk to lock-break exploit
2019/05/14 11:50:40 AM
Ford South Africa has been testing various models within its line-up to understand potential security vulnerabilities around the key lock barrel.
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Ford drivers beware: Your car`s locks may not be secure
2019/04/26 10:23:39 AM
South African Ford owners are up in arms after their vehicles were broken into, seemingly because of easy-to-break locks and other faulty security features.
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320 000 Lego bricks later - a full-sized Civic Type R
2019/04/25 12:45:21 PM
You’re never too old to love Lego and an increasing number of car enthusiasts seem to be realising this, judging by the increasing prevalence of full-sized car models made from the venerable plastic building blocks.
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The seating plan that will best keep your kids safe in a hijacking in South Africa
2019/04/24 12:59:48 PM
Fidelity ADT has warned that South Africans should avoid becoming complacent as they approach complexes and residential estates.
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Is Celerio the best compact Suzuki you can buy?
2019/04/23 10:55:24 AM
We love testing compact cars here at DRIVE360, and the smaller and quirkier they are, the better.
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South Africa could soon be getting a new range of ‘affordable’ electric vehicles
2019/04/18 9:33:17 AM
South Korean firm, Songuo Motors, has announced a distribution deal which will see the company bring its affordable NeuWai vehicles to new regions – including South Africa.
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Audi announces new models for South Africa – pricing
2019/04/17 10:13:47 AM
German car maker Audi has released a number of updated and special edition models for South Africa.
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Bad news for SA motorists! Petrol price ominous, diesel to remain flat - AA
2019/04/16 9:25:41 AM
"Unexpectedly strong international fuel prices have raised the spectre of an unwelcome fuel price hike for petrol users at the end of April," reports the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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Fuel consumption heroes under R200 000
2019/04/15 10:33:07 AM
Surging fuel prices have forced South African drivers to prioritise fuel consumption as the most important purchasing factor when considering a new vehicle.
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Volkswagen Financial Services to appeal ‘on the road fees’ order
2019/04/12 10:25:45 AM
Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) South Africa has acknowledged the order by the National Consumer Tribunal and plans to take it on appeal.
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South Africa’s new licence demerit system is being rolled out – here’s what you need to know
2019/04/11 10:09:59 AM
The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (Aarto) Amendment Bill has been passed by parliament and is now ready to be signed into law by the President.
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Updated Toyota Prius in South Africa – pricing
2019/04/10 10:21:47 AM
Toyota has refreshed its electric hybrid, the Prius halo five-door hatch, which features new front and rear treatment, as well as sharper, sleeker headlights and rear combination lights.
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Extraction of the Media Release by the NCR regarding Volkswagen Financial Services SA Pty Ltd
2019/04/09 9:51:07 AM
The National Consumer Tribunal (Tribunal) has handed down judgment confirming a Compliance Notice issued by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd for charging consumers the “on the road” fee, admin fee and handling fee on credit agreements.
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Mitsubishi’s next-gen bakkie: Tougher Triton arrives in SA
2019/04/08 3:19:03 PM
Remember the third-generation L200 bakkie built and sold here as the Colt in the good old days when Mitsubishi was still in cahoots with Mercedes-Benz? Well, the thoroughly titivated new Triton from the Japanese brand, now part of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, is reminiscent of this model – the last L200 model that really sold well in South Africa.
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These 10 cars have the best resale value in South Africa
2019/04/04 10:19:45 AM
Vehicle evaluation group True Price provides new data on cars with the best resale value in South Africa.
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Want to buy a car that`s made in SA? These are your options
2019/04/03 11:03:05 AM
South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) could be boosted by R37 million a year if government only bought locally-produced vehicles.
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Load-shedding hurts car sales, bakkies continue to prove popular in SA - Naamsa
2019/04/02 2:20:41 PM
The declining trend in the new vehicle market since the beginning of the year continued in March 2019, reports the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa).
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The Grandland X, Opel`s elegant comeback
2019/04/01 10:08:51 AM
When it comes to mid-range SUV`s, the market is pretty competitive, especially with the likes of the Peugeot 3008 and the Mazda CX-5 already dominating Europe.
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Why a dash cam could be your saving grace
2019/03/29 2:06:45 PM
Did you know that having a (functional) dash cam is one of your best risk management tools as a motorist? Installing a dashboard camera (dash cam) can prove exceedingly valuable for vehicle owners to minimise their risk of financial loss in the event of an accident.
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Expect a big petrol price hike in April
2019/03/28 2:05:55 PM
Motorists can expect a big petrol price hike in March, due to rising global oil price, a weaker rand and the introduction of new fuel taxes.
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Drop-top cruising: BMW`s new Z4 Roadster now in SA
2019/03/27 3:08:09 PM
BMW has a rich history of roadsters that have stood out as icons of pure driving pleasure.
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SA launch drive: More power (and vrrr-phaa) for Golf R
2019/03/26 11:45:35 AM
Volkswagen hosted its Golf Performance Experience test drive event in Cape Town last week, which entailed a couple of 100km behind the wheel of the latest Golf R.
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New Toyota Rav4: SA pricing & specs versus rivals
2019/03/25 11:05:40 AM
There’s an all-new Toyota Rav4 in town and it’s hoping to steal back some sales thunder from popular rivals like the Hyundai Tucson and Volkswagen Tiguan.
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Load-shedding Notice
2019/03/19 10:27:22 AM
Kindly note that due to load-shedding implementation we have disruptive availability at our offices. Thank you for understanding.
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Big numbers: Here’s how many cars, bakkies and SUVs were produced in SA
2019/03/15 9:17:05 AM
Though 2018 has come and gone, the auto industry will remember the year that was as pretty tough, especially for local new vehicle sales.
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Sanral is going after motorists who don’t pay their e-tolls – here’s why you can’t ignore them
2019/03/14 9:16:47 AM
The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) is pushing ahead with its plan to obtain default judgements against motorists who do not pay their e-tolls, according to civil society group Outa.
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The new hybrid Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – South African pricing
2019/03/13 10:12:36 AM
Land Rover has announced that its new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, featuring plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain options, are now available in South Africa.
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Another Increase for Motorists
2019/03/12 10:13:44 AM
SA Motorists are in for further punishment as there`s yet another increase on the cards. This time, the increase comes from the national licensing transaction fee. Here`s what you need to know.
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2019/03/11 10:11:11 AM
It’s safe to say the G20-generation BMW 3 Series is one of the most highly anticipated new cars to arrive in South Africa so far in 2019. Still, the venerable 3 Series is these days facing a threat from within its own Bavarian stable, as the buying public continues its migration away from sedans and towards SUVs, with the high-riding X3 even replacing the saloon on Plant Rosslyn’s production line in Pretoria.
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Suzuki`s bigger, better Ertiga seven-seater lands in SA
2019/03/08 9:13:48 AM
Johannesburg - Suzuki’s player in the affordable seven-seater market has been redesigned for 2019, the second-generation model boasting increased dimensions and a more powerful engine.
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Here`s how the new demerit system will affect drivers when the Aarto Bill is signed off
2019/03/07 9:58:36 AM
After a decade of speculation and waiting, the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Bill (AARTO) has been sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa to be signed into law. The National Assembly passed the controversial AARTO Bill on Tuesday with 174 MPs voting in favour, while 11 voted against and 22 abstained.
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New Audi RS4 Avant in SA - Specs & Price
2019/03/06 10:50:56 AM
The Audi RS family has grown with the introduction of the RS4 Avant in South Africa. See specification and pricing details below...
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Comeback kid: All you need to know about the new Toyota Corolla Hatch
2019/03/05 9:11:54 AM
With the all-new Toyota Corolla hatch, one of the most successful model names in automotive history makes a striking return.
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SA car sales: Polo Vivo finds love in February
2019/03/04 11:23:45 AM
The Volkswagen Polo Vivo comprehensively outsold its big brother, the Polo, becoming the best-selling car in February 2019.
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March fuel price hike will be bigger than anticipated
2019/02/25 11:18:25 AM
Following some much needed relief towards the end of 2018, South Africa’s fuel prices are back on an upward trajectory and motorists should brace for a spate of increases in the coming months.
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Suzuki upgrades the 2019 Vitara SUV with new looks and loads more creature comforts
2019/02/22 10:03:40 AM
Suzuki is celebrating three decades of Vitara success with the introduction of a refreshed model range, with an even more generous helping of creature comforts.
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#Budget2019: Here`s how the new fuel levies will affect you, and `hurt the poor the most`
2019/02/21 9:52:51 AM
The Automobile Association (AA) says it is relieved that Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni did not increase fuel levies above inflation – as has been the case in previous years – despite pre-Budget Speech speculation that this may have happened.
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2019/02/20 11:19:36 AM
At the end of January 2019, broke the news that Toyota South Africa Motors had plans to launch some sort of GR derivative of its popular Hilux bakkie. And now the local arm of the Japanese automaker has confirmed a limited number of Hilux GR-Sport units will be offered locally.
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Major traffic warning – Johannesburg is closing down the M2 highway for repairs
2019/02/19 9:56:51 AM
The City of Johannesburg has announced that it will close down the M2 highway as it begins major rehabilitation plans.
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Meet the New Ford Focus ST
2019/02/18 11:11:29 AM
Ford has revealed the all-new Focus ST, which features a new engine as well as the option of an automatic. Here`s all you need to know about the Blue Oval`s performance model.
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Renault Koleos is back as a bigger Rav4 rival: SA prices & specs
2019/02/15 11:24:46 AM
Renault’s Koleos is back in the SUV game and it looks to be a far more mature product than its somewhat obscure predecessor.
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New Range Rover Sport HST: 294kW special edition boosts line-up
2019/02/14 9:20:33 AM
The Range Rover Sport effortlessly combines dynamic on-road handling, luxurious refinement and trademark Land Rover all-terrain capability.
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No electricity? Here`s how to drive during #Loadshedding
2019/02/13 9:17:25 AM
With Stage 3 load-shedding affecting South Africa, MasterDrive lists a few tips to follow to ensure you stay safe on the roads when the lights go out.
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2019/02/12 9:58:45 AM
The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan was revealed back in July 2018 and is expected to launch in South Africa in the second quarter of 2019. But we’ve already managed to unearth local pricing for the new four-door saloon.
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Shell to launch charging stations for electric vehicles in SA
2019/02/11 11:33:03 AM
Shell South Africa will be launching its first electric vehicle charging stations in its retail network this year, with the number installed based on demand.
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Commemorative Jaguar XJ50 edition makes its SA debut
2019/02/08 9:52:00 AM
Jaguar’s new XJ50, a special edition XJ sedan marking five decades of trademark luxury, performance and technology, is now available in South Africa.
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Government to introduce new vehicle taxes to push people towards public transport
2019/02/07 10:20:47 AM
The Department of Transport has published its Green Transport Strategy for 2018 – 2050, which lays out plans for new taxes, and changes to existing ones.
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SA-spec VW Golf R gets cranked up to 228kW
2019/02/06 10:34:42 AM
Volkswagen South Africa is now offering the Golf R with the same outputs as overseas models.
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Mahindra launches SA-built S10 Karoo Edition Pik Up
2019/02/05 10:48:17 AM
Mahindra South Africa is celebrating the surge in vehicle sales following its recent brand re-positioning and marketing campaign with the launch of the Mahindra S10 Karoo Edition.
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SA car sales: Rough start for local vehicle industry in 2019
2019/02/04 9:31:41 AM
New vehicle sales stumbled into 2019 with industry sales down 7.4% to 42 374 units year-on-year.
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Here are the Western Cape’s new car licence fees for 2019
2019/02/01 11:24:49 AM
The Western Cape Provincial Government has gazetted motor vehicle licence (MVL) fee increases for 2019.
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Refreshed Lexus RC coupé lands in SA
2019/01/31 10:34:28 AM
It’s probably been a while since you last saw a Lexus RC coupé on the roads - if ever - but it has been around for a few years and now there’s a new (ish) one for 2019.
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Here`s where South Africans are buying new cars
2019/01/30 9:51:25 AM
Gauteng still remains the most popular province for new car sales, leading throughout 2018.
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DRIVEN: The Hyundai Tucson 2.0 Elite auto
2019/01/29 10:41:57 AM
So what do we have here ... the third-generation Tucson. It`s been a bit of a winner for Hyundai, hasn`t it?
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South African electric car sales projected to `grow significantly`
2019/01/28 12:55:54 PM
South Africa could have an electric vehicle car parc of 145 000 with annual sales of new EVs of 43 000 units within the next six years.
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SA vehicle sales expected to drop by 1% this year
2019/01/25 2:08:37 PM
Wesbank, the vehicle finance division of FirstRand Bank, has forecast a 1?percent decline in total new vehicle sales this year compared to last year.
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Cars Coming to SA in 2019
2019/01/24 8:37:18 AM
There is a barrage of new and facelifted cars headed for South Africa in 2019. Take a look at what you can expect below...
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Tiguan vs rivals - which SUV has the best resale value?
2019/01/23 9:56:23 AM
Have you ever wondered which vehicle for ‘soccer moms’ has the best resale value in South Africa? Well, the first school term is under way, and its the ideal time for moms (and dads for that matter) to go out and buy a new vehicle.
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Toyota RAV4 (2019) International Launch Review
2019/01/22 10:05:40 AM
The 5th-generation RAV4, which is due to arrive in South Africa in March 2019, was launched in Barcelona last week. Boasting an eye-catching new exterior design, the latest RAV4 is primed to cement Toyota`s success in the local family car segment. Gero Lilleike travelled to Spain to take the new RAV4 for a drive; herewith his feedback…
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How will the Carbon Tax affect mobility in South Africa?
2019/01/21 11:54:47 AM
It is a new year filled with promise and new opportunities to address our increasing climate challenges.
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Here are the next big car trends in SA for 2019
2018/12/21 8:46:11 AM
For all the wave of new brands and models which have brightened up the local market in the past two decades, the old favourites continue to be absolutely dominant.
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Here`s how much it would cost to have Santa`s sleigh insured
2018/12/20 12:03:57 PM
Christmas is right on our doorstep and Santa’s Elves will soon be giving his sleigh the final preparations for the big day.
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A data center on wheels - where is it taking us?
2018/12/19 10:36:01 AM
Driverless vehicles are on the road now. It`s big news. Getting the cars to behave with their human-driven peers has taken a tremendous amount of work. Getting them to avoid collisions is still a work in progress.
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Don’t do it! Distracted driving is the true menace on our roads
2018/12/18 10:03:23 AM
The roads are already filling up as holiday-makers head for their December destinations.
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Brabus transforms G63 into extreme, 515kW high-rider
2018/12/14 9:12:07 AM
Bottrop, Germany - Brabus is giving the previous generation G-Class a brutal sendoff of the kind we’ve come to expect from the German tuner.
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First drive: BMW`s new 3 Series ups its tech game in a big way
2018/12/13 10:59:03 AM
Faro, Portugal - With an initial choice of two arriving on our shores in March, and now in its seventh generation, the BMW 3 Series remains the manufacturer’s most important car.
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SEE: Beware of falling cows? Take a look at these 17 hilarious road signs that actually exist
2018/12/12 9:16:12 AM
There’s nothing better than a good laugh on a long road trip, especially when you’ve been in the car for an extended period of time.
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BMW`s futuristic Vision iNEXT: A glimpse at the future of `personal mobility`
2018/12/11 10:18:21 AM
The BMW Vision iNEXT celebrated its world premiere in Los Angeles, while providing an "insight into the future of personal mobility".
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Holiday Driving Tips
2018/12/10 11:10:59 AM
Take a look at these useful holiday tips to get you to your destination safely...
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Renault Mégane RS: Best of the breed?
2018/12/07 10:14:09 AM
In the battle of the hot hatches, the latest Renault Mégane RS might not be the fastest, nor the most powerful. But in all-round terms, it might just be the best of the breed. Is that enough to satisfy the fast and furious brigade?
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Lexus’ best-selling compact sports sedan is now available as a full hybrid model
2018/12/06 9:42:33 AM
Lexus South Africa launched the IS 300h (in SE trim) in Johannesburg on Wednesday. It joins a refined range of IS models that now consists of the IS 300 EX, IS 300h SE and IS 350 F Sport.
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Make a big little difference
2018/12/05 9:50:44 AM
Make a big little difference
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New Car Sales in SA: November 2018
2018/12/04 8:52:49 AM
New car sales declined substantially across the board during the month of November 2018 while export sales returned modest growth. Take a look at the new car sales breakdown below…
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Most powerful Mercedes-Benz X-Class yet: Range-topping V6 bakkie arrives in SA
2018/12/03 10:13:32 AM
Mercedes-Benz launches its most powerful X-Class bakkie yet - the new V6-powered X350d. With a powerful 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine, 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, the new X350d 4MATIC flagship model develops 190kW/550Nm.
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New road rules and 3 other major SA laws approved by Government as it prepares to close for 2018
2018/11/30 10:39:33 AM
Its been another busy week for lawmakers as government begins to wind down for 2018.
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2018/11/29 10:38:11 AM
As a modern-day commuter, it’s hard to imagine the challenges drivers faced piloting cars a century ago.
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Mahindra introduces new double cab S6 variant of its popular Pik Up
2018/11/28 10:22:14 AM
Mahindra South Africa is celebrating the first six months of local vehicle production as well as its sales growth in the South African market with a limited "Karoo" Edition of its popular Pik Up Double Cab.
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Ford expands EcoSport range with new 1.5 base model
2018/11/27 10:06:32 AM
When Ford launched its reinvigorated EcoSport range back in July, it seemed odd that the price leader from the previous range, the 1.5-litre normally aspirated Ambiente, was missing from the range.
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2018/11/26 9:40:05 AM
Back in September 2018, we learned Hyundai Automotive South Africa had plans to revive the Atos nameplate locally, with the new version of the budget hatchback scheduled to arrive in the first quarter of 2019. And now the local arm of the Korean automaker has hinted at pricing.
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New Range Rover Evoque Revealed [w/video]
2018/11/23 9:40:17 AM
The second-generation Range Rover Evoque has been revealed in London, UK. Take a look at the key details below…
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5 reasons why the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a great SUV
2018/11/22 11:20:28 AM
One of the semi-finalists in this year`s South African Car of the Year competition, sponsored by Autotrader, is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. This is the car brand`s first SUV, and an impressive one at that.
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Kia`s facelifted Sportage arrives with new base engine
2018/11/21 9:44:58 AM
The Sportage has the honour of being Kia’s most successful model, albeit not on local shores but internationally, where the Rav4 rivalling SUV has notched up five million sales over 25 years.
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Ford expands SA Kuga range with 1.5 diesel, ST Line trim
2018/11/20 10:35:09 AM
Ford has added both frugality and flavour to its Kuga SUV line-up with the addition of a new 1.5-litre TDCi turbodiesel engine option at the lower end of the range, as well as a new ST Line trim grade at the upper end.
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2018/11/19 9:36:18 AM
Back at the end of May 2018, Land Rover South Africa confirmed the new Discovery Sport Landmark Edition would launch here later in the year. And now the local arm of the British automaker has announced pricing.
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New Datsun Go, Go+ for SA: Improved safety, design tweaks and more
2018/11/16 9:29:47 AM
Datsun has launched its next-generation Go and Go+ models in South Africa.
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‘Capping fuel price could sink industry transformation’
2018/11/15 10:33:06 AM
No room for discounts in fuel retail Government hopes to stimulate competition, but this idea could force smaller operators out of business.
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We test drive new Nissan Navara 4x2
2018/11/14 10:46:32 AM
FIRST there were cars for town and bakkies for the farm. Then people wanted town cars that can do what bakkies do, such as towing a caravan or carting around pets and building material, but which look a bit better than a bakkie and feel like a car to drive.
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The new R2.6 million Mercedes G-Class has arrived in South Africa – take a look
2018/11/13 10:17:59 AM
The new Mercedes-AMG G 63 is now available in South Africa, and has undergone the greatest change in its history, the group says.
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2018/11/12 9:49:59 AM
Toyota South Africa Motors has confirmed the new RAV4 will be offered with a choice of two naturally aspirated petrol engines when it arrives on local shores in the first quarter of 2019.
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Mitsubishi`s Triton bakkie gets a bold new look
2018/11/09 11:22:14 AM
The latest-gen Mitsubishi Triton is a good and solid, if somewhat underrated entrant in the bakkie market, and we suspect that it’s anonymous styling - particularly at the front end - has held it back to some degree.
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FIC Telematics Session Invitation
2018/11/08 9:05:53 AM
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A perspective on SA`s proposed new motor industry code
2018/11/07 10:42:39 AM
The days of vehicle manufacturers threatening to void your warranty if you use an independent service centre or repair shop will soon be a thing of the past.
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November`s petrol price relief is no more
2018/11/06 9:48:35 AM
Remember when, back in September, South Africa`s government absorbed what would have been increases of 28 cents a litre for petrol and 31 cents for diesel?
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2018/11/05 10:53:30 AM
In November 2017, Global NCAP partnered with the Automobile Association to launch the “Safer Cars for Africa” campaign in South Africa, releasing independent crash-test results of five budget vehicles. Now the two have teamed up again, this time evaluating four popular local vehicles … including a zero-star bakkie.
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Kia`s enhanced Grand Sedona MPV touches down in SA
2018/10/31 9:50:12 AM
Kia’s facelifted Grand Sedona MPV has touched down in South Africa fresh from its debut at the New York Motor Show earlier this year, complete with enhanced looks, new variants, extra spec and a redesigned gearbox.
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Want to boost the economy? Buy one of these SA-made cars
2018/10/30 1:20:13 PM
South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) could be boosted by R37 million a year if government only bought locally-produced vehicles.
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Jaguar reveals SA-bound Chequered Flag F-Type edition
2018/10/29 10:45:49 AM
Despite it being announced on the morning after Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion for the fifth time, Jaguar’s F-Type Chequered Flag edition is not paying tribute to the Formula One driver with which it shares a nationality.
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Petrol price relief: November price cut expected after eight long months
2018/10/26 9:22:59 AM