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Current News

Less is more: Meet the new Lexus LS
2018/05/22 10:15:51 AM
The all-new Lexus LS 500 sedan delivers premium levels of powertrain smoothness, spaciousness, handling, ride comfort, safety, craftsmanship and attention to detail.
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Bigger, better, Nampo: Driving Nissan`s Skyline R34 in SA
2018/05/21 10:08:06 AM
Nampo - the biggest agricultural gathering in the Southern Hemisphere is hosted in the quaint town of Bothaville in the Free State in May 2018.
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SA roadside shootings: Here`s what you should do
2018/05/18 10:24:33 AM
Motorists were again caught up in a shooting in Sandton when shots rang out at a petrol station. Details around the incident are unclear but one person has been left dead.
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Here`s how to reduce the risk of remote jamming in SA
2018/05/17 10:30:25 AM
Over the last few years, remote jamming has become an increasingly prevalent form of crime in shopping malls and parking lots across South Africa.
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Here’s how much Opel’s compact Grandland X SUV costs in SA
2018/05/16 10:54:19 AM
Ideally equipped and well positioned, the new Grandland X becomes the third member of the Opel X family; It joins its Crossland X and Mokka X SUV siblings.
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Here`s how much the new Ford Fiesta costs in SA
2018/05/15 11:23:59 AM
New design, upgraded technology, enhanced suspension… Ford has launched its all-new Fiesta in South Africa.
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`A cloaked up Jaguar?` The Range Rover Velar is a different breed
2018/05/14 10:18:17 AM
`Is the Range Rover Velar just a veiled Jaguar F-Pace cloaked in Land Rover attire?` asks Ferdi de Vos as he uncovers the secret behind the popular SUV.
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`Fastest` Golf GTI yet: VW reveals hot 213kW TCR Concept
2018/05/11 11:12:12 AM
A new chapter of Golf GTI history has begun with the world premiere of the 213kW/370Nm Golf GTI TCR Concept at the legendary GTI meeting at Wörthersee, Austria.
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SEE: Global petrol prices
2018/05/10 11:36:38 AM
The recent fuel hikes have been taxing on South African motorists. First the 45c cents per litre increase on May 2, and the steep 95c per litre increase which is looming at the end of this month.
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A legend reborn: Aston Martin V12 Vantage 600s
2018/05/09 09:32:13 AM
The legendary Aston Martin Vantage V600 has been reborn in the form of a customer commissioned limited run of all-new breathtakingly beautiful Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600s, inspired and influenced by the original V8 Vantage V600.
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VW’s flagship sedan arrives: Here`s how much the new premium Arteon costs in SA
2018/05/08 10:56:04 AM
The totally new developed model emphasises emotionality in the premium class. In addition to a new and emotive outline, Volkswagen is also introducing with the Arteon a highly expressive, horizontally accentuated brand look.
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Isuzu MU-X, Mercedes X-Class bakkie... awesome new models headed for South Africa in May
2018/05/07 10:35:20 AM
From the upcoming BMW 8 series to the fastest Kia yet, take a look at some of the top new models featured this week as well as new cars bound for South Africa.
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Top 5 safety tips: Put the brakes on dangerous driving
2018/04/26 09:58:27 AM
While most new car advertisements focus on power and acceleration, a crucial part of safe driving is being able to stop in time, every time.
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New road laws for SA: Toll tariffs, microdots, clampdown on illegal licences and more
2018/04/25 10:17:29 AM
The Department of Transport published amendments to the National Road Traffic Regulations.
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Isuzu`s new MU-X SUV shipment arrives in SA ahead of launch
2018/04/24 09:38:18 AM
The first shipment of Isuzu’s new MU-X sports utility vehicle (SUV) arrived at the Port Elizabeth harbour, ahead of its local launch early in May this year.
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Dealership of the Year!!
2018/04/23 11:11:16 AM
Dealership of the Year!!
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Tested: New Qashqai 1.5 dCi is a stylish fuel sipper
2018/04/23 10:17:41 AM
You know what they say about assumptions, right? Well, let’s skip all the profanities because ultimately ‘they’ are right and you just shouldn’t make ‘em.
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Car sales by province: Where are South Africans buying cars?
2018/04/20 11:06:21 AM
Despite fewer selling days in March due to public holidays, the new vehicle industry made an upward swing, with a total of 49 233 new vehicles sold.
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Fastest Kia yet: Fiery Stinger sedan headed for SA
2018/04/19 10:09:03 AM
Following growing public interest after its surprise appearance at the 2017 South African Motoring Experience at Kyalami, Kia SA has confirmed that its Stinger sedan is set to make its local debut later this year.
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Volvo XC40 (2018) Specs & Prices
2018/04/18 11:50:38 AM
The highly-anticipated Volvo XC40 launches in South Africa in this week and we`ll be at its local launch. In the meantime, here`s how much you can expect to pay for this baby Volvo SUV.
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Fuel price hikes to hit motorists hard in April - AA
2018/04/17 11:46:47 AM
Sharp increases in the prices of fuels are set to hit motorists hard at the end of April, reports the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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5 SUVs We Need in SA
2018/04/16 11:22:05 AM
There are many models and variants of cars we don`t get in South Africa due to our comparatively small market and right-hand-drive only law. But, are there right-hand drive cars out there that we`re missing out on? Here are 5 SUVs that we think would be well-received locally.
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Toyota said to be working on hotter Auris GR
2018/04/13 10:26:34 AM
Toyota has finally come to its senses and created a Golf-sized hatchback that’s actually worth getting excited about.
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